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UML FAQ: What changes were made in UML 2.0, the last major revision of UML?

Noteworthy changes made in the UML 2.0 major revision include:
  • Hierarchical decomposition of structures and support for component-based development. UML 2 introduces a major new diagram type, Composite Structure diagrams, that includes new constructs (Parts, Ports and Connectors) which allow you to recursively decompose a a system-of-systems into systems, subsystems, components, sub-components, etc.
  • Hierarchical decomposition of behavior. UML 2 enhances Activity and Sequence diagrams so that you can recursively decompose behaviors into sub-behaviors. For example, you can decompose Action Nodes into sub-Action Nodes, sub-sub-Action Nodes, etc.
  • Improved integration between structural and behavioral constructs. When properly applied UML 2 Parts allow you to seamlessly integrates structural and behavioral diagrams. For example, the same EFI Part in a Composite Structure diagram for an Engine might also be reused for a swimlane partition in an Activity diagram for the Activate Cruise Control process.
  • Enhanced support for executable models. UML 2 includes a fully integrated Action Semantics that enables executable models capable of driving simulations and automatically generating programming code.