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UML FAQ: Why use UML?

If you are a Software Developer and want to improve the precision and efficiency of your communications with fellow Software Developers and other system and business stakeholders, then UML is an excellent choice for a lingua franca. (If on the other hand, you are a Systems Engineer or a Business Analyst who wants to improve communications with your peers and other system stakeholders, then SysML or BPMN may be better choices.) Here's a list of reasons why Software Developers may want to use UML and either an Agile Modeling or Model-Driven Development process for their work:
  • Facilitate communication among various stakeholders across the System Development Life Cycle
  • Capture and manage corporate Intellectual Property related to system architectures, designs, and processes
  • Compare and contrast “As Is” and “To Be” solutions
  • Provide scalable structure for problem solving
  • Furnish rich abstractions to manage size and complexity
  • Explore multiple solutions or ideas concurrently with minimal risk
  • Detect errors and omissions early in System Development Life Cycle