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UML Publications: Books, Papers & Articles

The following is a selected list of UML publications, including books, papers, articles, and presentations.

One can measure the importance of a scientific work by the number of earlier publications rendered superfluous by it. — David Hilbert

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Selected UML Books

Applying UML and Patterns (3rd ed.) by C. Larman

TITLE/AUTHOR: Applying UML and Patterns (3rd ed.) by C. Larman
  • Shows how UML supports object analysis and design
  • Includes an introduction to pattern-based development
  • Incorporates a moderate complexity case study
  • Contains significant method bias
  • Fails to address scalability issues
  • Weak treatment of components and interfaces.
BOTTOM LINE: Although this book tends to be more academic than practical, it provides a reasonable introduction to applying UML to object analysis and design methods. The introduction to pattern-based development is a bonus, but the treatment of architecture patterns is weak.
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Systems Analysis and Design with UML by A. Dennis, et al.

UML Bible by T. Pender

The UML Reference Manual (3rd ed.) by J. Rumbaugh, et al.

Real-Time UML (3rd ed.) by B. P. Douglass

Selected UML Papers & Articles